Rina Sawayama is pansexual! ? Songs and videos, the topic is also great brother!

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Do you know singer-songwriter, Rina Sawayama, who was said to be the “second Lady Gaga”?

Rina seems to be talking now as “A owner who has a new sense of getting over all borders, such as borders, gender and sense of values”!

She is not high enough to have a high level of recognition yet, but she is told that she is expected to be active in the future and that it is a talented person who enjoys growth.


This time, is Rina Sawayama, who is at the forefront in various fields, “pansexual”?

Detailed information about “songs and videos”, also, I also investigated the brother of the reputation “very great!”



Rina Sawayama is pansexual?

First, I would like to introduce Mr. Rina Sawayama as it is a brief summary!


Real name: Rina Sawayama

Date of birth: Born August 16, 1990

Origin: Niigata Prefecture

Height: 171 cm

Hobbies: singing

University: Cambridge University (London)

Major: Psychology and Politics

Occupation: Singer, songwriter, producer, model


The final educational background is Cambridge University , which is famous for its famous British !

Excellent grades, good singing, good style.

Indeed, the word “elite” is admired by the perfect being perfect!

Also, as I mentioned earlier, Rina Sawayama seems to have had an experience of being bullied because of racial discrimination at an early age .


The experience of that time triggered me, and now I am aiming for a world freed from trivial discrimination and treated equally by everyone.

I felt kindness with a kind person who understands the pain and suffering of the human heart (T_T)


Furthermore, it seems that you are determined to continue making songs and singing in a style that will be close to the adversity of those who are sad!


So let’s take a closer look at the information “Pan-sexuality” that I was worried about when I examined Rina, who has such a warm heart!



Aren’t many people who have heard the word LGBT recently ?

※ (Generic name for sexual minorities taken from the initials of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.)

Is it included together? I thought it was a little different meaning.


“Pansexual” is simply referred to as “entire love” in a nutshell, and refers to a sexuality person whose love is all men and women.

Rina Sawayama has not been told the information that there is a boyfriend.


I did research on SNS such as Instagram, but I did not know the details about whether she was “pansexual”.


Instagram account is here!





The songs and videos of Rina Sawayama are amazing!

I got the video that actually sings the song, so I will describe it!


You have beautiful and nice voices (^-^)

You can also see the popularity of PV (promotional video) and fashionable!


The similarities of the make-up atmosphere may not be one of the reasons for being referred to as “the second Lady Gaga”.

In the future, I think that I will continue to create many songs that resonate with my heart, so my expectations for videos by Rina Sawayama will increase (^-^)



Rina Sawayama’s brother is also creative!

Sawayama Mozzarella knows that the information is “old brother”!

Unique, easy-to-remember naming sense (^-^)

Like Rina Sawayama, the words that my brother is creative also look good!

By the way, the real name is “Sawamura Daisuke” .


There is also information with the current age about 40 years old! (As of June 2019)

The occupation is a web consultant, a translator, and an editor (15 years of history).


In addition, according to Sawayama Mozzarella’s paid e-mail magazine records, according to the recorded information, it has won more than 3,000 members and had a track record of more than 1 million won a month!


Persevering in my style, it is wonderfully successful and amazing!

Keeping an eye on the two who continue to be active in different fields (^-^)


Specifically, please check the Twitter of the person!


Sawayama Mozzarella




Then, I will summarize what I examined below!

  •  There is a second called Lady Gaga
  • Active in model and producer
  • We are aiming for a peaceful world without discrimination
  • No clear information on pansexuals
  • There is a translator and an older brother active in various businesses


The name recognition in Japan is likely to soar from now on!

She feels good and cool, and seems to be popular among young people (^-^)


Aren’t you going to do a live tour anyway?

Let’s support to become “a non-discriminating, peaceful world” through Rina Sawayama’s songs!

I’m looking forward to seeing more opportunities on TV!